01 Preface ············································································································· Kayo UEDA 03 Tackling Air Pollution from Agricultural Residue Burning: The Aakash Project: Challenge for Reduction of Rice-Stubble Burning in the Indian Punjab Region ··································································································· Sachiko HAYASHIDA 13 Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons from Vegetation Burning and Health Effects ·································································································· Kazuichi HAYAKAWA 21 Biological Mechanisms of Respiratory Effects of Particulate Matter and its Interaction with COVID-19 ··············································································· Akiko HONDA and Tomoya SAGAWA 27 Oxidative Stress Induction Ability of Particles Emitting from Agricultural Open Burning in Japan ······································· Yuji FUJITANI, Akiko FURUYAMA, Seishiro HIRANO, Akihiro FUSHIMI, 37 Chemical Properties of the Southeast Asian Haze from Indonesian Peatland Fires ··················································································· Yusuke FUJII and Susumu TOHNO 49 Exposure Assessment of Biomass Burning: A Scoping Review on Current and Emerging Approaches ············································ Sary VALENZUELA, Keith Alexius WANGKAY, Xerxes SEPOSO and 61 The Effects of Policies and Measures for Vegetation Fire Events on Air Pollution and Human Health in Thailand: A Literature Review and Data Integration ······································································································ Athicha UTTAJUG Katsumi SAITOH, Ayako YOSHINO, Kei SATO and Akinori TAKAMI Geminn LOUIS C. APOSTOL Contents Air Pollution from Vegetation Fire and Its Health Effects in Asia CONTENTS

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