5. Conclusion hydrocarbons hydrocarbons. Chemical 5.1 Organic material that comes from plants and animals is converted not only to solid fuels but also to gas and liquid fuels. Biomass is attracting attention as a renewable energy source, because organic materials in biomass can be regenerated in a short time period from carbon dioxide, a global warming gas, in the atmosphere. 5.2 As mentioned in this report, combustion of this biomass produces various hazardous chemicals, including PAHs and their derivatives. It will be essential to develop technology to prevent these harmful substances from being released into the air, both outdoors and indoors. 5.3 On Al-Daghri, N.M., Alokail, M.S., Abd-Alrahman, S.H., Draz, H.M., Yakout, S.M. and Clerici, M. (2013) Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon exposure and pediatric asthma in children: a case- control study. 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In addition, forest fires occur frequently around the world, and the number of such fires has been increasing due to global warming. These also raise the atmospheric concentration of PAHs and their derivatives over wide areas—a big problem. K. and Toriba, A. (2014) Influence of biomass burning on the levels of atmospheric polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their nitro derivatives in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 14: 1247–1257. 2013.05.0161 de Oliveira Galvao., de Oliveira Alves, N., Ferreira, P., Caumo, S., de Castro Vasconcellos, P., Artaxo, P., de Souza Hacon, S., Roubicek, D. and de Medeiros, S. (2018) Biomass burning particles in the Brazilian Amazon region: Mutagenic effects of nitro and oxy-PAHs and assessment of health risks. Environmental Pollution, 233: 960–970. j.envpol.2017. 09.068 Hara, A., Odajima, H., Matsuzaki, H., Fujimura, M., Toma, T., Wada, T., Ohkura, N., Pham, K.O., Suzuki, K., Tsujiguchi, H., Takami, A., Hayakawa, K. and Nakamura, H. 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