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『Global Environmental Research』 Vol.19 No.1

Sustainable Use of Phosphorus in Asia
Kazuyo MATSUBAE and Masaru YARIME
How Do You Spot a Trend? An Examination of Recent Phosphate Rock Production
Phosphorus Flows in the Asian Region
Elizabeth WEBECK, Kazuyo MATSUBAE, Kenichi NAKAJIMA,  Keisuke NANSAI and Tetsuya NAGASAKA
The Phosphorus Flow in China: A Revisit from the Perspective of Production
Minpeng CHEN,  Fu SUN, Xu XIA and Jining CHEN
Material Flow Analysis of Phosphorus in Taiwan
Yi-shin WANG, Pi-Cheng CHEN and Hwong-wen MA
Separation of Phosphate from Wastewater Using an Ion Exchanger Based on Chitosan
Ka-Young JUNG, Byungryul AN, Jae-Woo CHOI, Chanhyuk PARK and Sang-hyup LEE
Spatially Explicit Assessment of Nutrient Demands for Promoting Efficient Regional Fertilizer-use Management in Vietnam
Tien Minh TRAN, Thu Thi Minh TRAN, Thu Bich NGUYEN and Quang Bao LE
Development and Implementation of Technologies for Recycling Phosphorus in Secondary  Resources in JapanHisao OHTAKE and Kenji OKANO
Issues and Policy Measures for Phosphorus Recycling from Sewage: Lessons from Stakeholder Analysis of JapanHideaki SHIROYAMA, Makiko MATSUO andMasaru YARIME
Environmental Biotechnology for Efficient Utilization of Industrial Phosphite WasteAkio KURODA and Ryuichi HIROTA
Nutrient Use and Efficiency in East Asian AgricultureShin-ichiro MISHIMA, Te-Kung OH,  Yung-Ha DUAN, Yilai LOU, Hong-Be YUN, Dong-Bae LEE, Minggang XU and Youn LEE
Geology of Phosphate Rock in China: Distribution, Rock Type and Metallogenic PerspectiveGang HE and Yongju ZHOU
Weight of Land Use for Phosphorus Fertilizer Production in Japan in Terms of Total Material RequirementEiji YAMASUE, Kazuyo MATSUBAE and Keiichi N. ISHIHARA
Situation and Novel Approach for Sustainable Phosphorus Recovery: A Case Study of ThailandThammarat KOOTTATEP, Saroj Kumar CHAPAGAIN and Chongrak POLPRASERT
The Migration Flyways and Protection of Cranes in China
Ke-ji SUN, Naoya HIJIKATA, Tomohiro ICHINOSE and Hiroyoshi HIGUCHI