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英文学術会誌「Global Environmental Research」

 『Global Environmental Research』は、国際環境研究協会 が編集・発行している英文学術会誌です。会員の方へ頒布しております。最新号及びバックナンバーは残部がある場合に限り実費にて販売しております。(2,000円税込 送料別)




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of Issue
TitleResponsible EditorAvailability
2014Vol.18 No.1Impacts of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on Human Life and Ecosystem [NEW]Hiroyoshi HIGUCHI 
2013Vol.17 No.2Key Studies on Tropical Mangrove Ecosystems Tomomi INOUE 
 Vol.17 No.1Pathways towards Low-Carbon Societies in AsiaMikiko KAINUMA 
2012Vol.16 No.2Ecosystem Services Assessment of the Satoyama and Satoumi for a Nature-Harmonious SocietyMasataka WATANABE 
 Vol.16 No.1Studies on the Recent Glacial Fluctuations, Glacial Lakes and Glacial Lake Outburst Floods in South Asian MountainsTeiji WATANABE 
2011Vol.15 No.2Precipitation Products : Development and Application to Climate Change StudiesAkiyo YATAGAI 
 Vol.15 No.1Biomass Burning and Its Impacts on Earth's EnvironmentHaruo TSURUTA,
2010Vol.14 No.2Education for Sustainable Development: Promises and ChallengesFrans LENGLET,
Zinaida FADEEVA,
 Vol.14 No.1Desertification Control and Restoration of Ecosystem Services in Northeast AsiaToshiya OKURO 
2009Vol.13 No.2Wind Disaster Risk and Global Environment ChangeYukio TAMURA,
Masatoshi YOSHINO
 Vol.13 No.1New Horizons in Global Environmental Research : Biometeorological AspectsMasami IRIKI 
2008Vol.12 No.2Ecotourism and Global ChangeMasatoshi YOSHINO 
 Vol.12 No.1Emerging Threats Posed by Infectious Diseases Transmitted from WildlifeAkio YAMADA,
Hiroyoshi HIGUCHI
2007Vol.11 No.2Principles and Practice of Ecological Restoration -the Case of Eurasian WetlandsIzumi WASHITANI 
 Vol.11 No.1Weather Forecasting for Health and SocietyMasatoshi YOSHINO 
2006Vol.10 No.2Global Warming and Its ImpactsHideo HARASAWAnot available
 Vol.10 No.1Mountain Environments and Human ActivitiesTeiji WATANABEnot available
2005Vol.9 No.2Conservation and Management of Living Marine ResourcesHiroyuki MATSUDA 
 Vol.9 No.1II. Studies on Impact of ClimateChange Related to APN
Masatoshi YOSHINO 
  Vol.9 No.1I. Sustainable Land Management of Atoll IslandsHajime KAYANNE 
2004Vol.8 No.2Invasive Alien Species Problems in Japan: Present Status and Countermeasures IIIzumi WASHITANI 
 Vol.8 No.1Invasive Alien Species Problems in Japan: Present Status and Countermeasures IIzumi WASHITANI 
2003Vol.7 No.2Conflict between Crows and Humans in Urban AreasHiroyoshi HIGUCHI 
 Vol.7 No.1Biological Uniqueness and Conservation of Island EcosystemsNaoki KACHI 
2002Vol.6 No.2Volcanic Ashes and Their SoilsSatoshi MATSUMOTO 
 Vol.6 No.1Global Warming and Sustainable Use of Mountain Resources in AsiaTeiji WATANABE 
2001Vol.5 No.2Traditional Sustainable Ecosystem‘SATOYAMA’and Biodiversity Crisis in JapanIzumi WASHITANI 
 Vol.5 No.1Progress in Human Dimension Research of Global Change in AsiaSyuzo NISHIOKA 
2000Vol.4 No.2Ecology and Conservation of Migratory BirdsHiroyoshi HIGUCHI 
 Vol.4 No.1Acid RainKenichi SATAKE 
1999Vol.3 No.2Rice Production in Monsoon AsiaMasatoshi YOSHINO 
 Vol.3 No.1Recent Conter-measure for DesertificationSatoshi MATSUMOTO 
1998Vol.2 No.2Global Environmental change and Human HealthMasami IRIKI 
 Vol.2 No.1IGAC Activities in JapanHajime AKIMOTO 
IGBP Activities and Results in JapanHajime KAYANNE